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Information overflow

It's not even night yet and so much has happened, I don't think I can really keep up with it. Hopefully writing stuff down helps a bit. So the low-down:

  • ran into trouble with customs again and spend ages on the phone with a lady who didn't believe me that there were just tapes and cds in that package

  • did the weekly shopping which I hate, it's always so crowded and I'm broke

  • got soaked again

  • got that doctor's apointment already (I don't know how I managed to pull of that one)

The apointment didn't go to well, but I had already suspected that part. At least this time I didn't get yelled at or anything. But she didn't really know what to do either. She got me an apointment at another specialist for next Monday. I've no idea how I'm supposed to get there, not having a car. Besides that the usual: getting enough rest, not overdoing things and eating nice. I admit I havn't been too good with any of these. I work two jobs, one of which involves running around for four hours delivering newspapers and mail. Plus it's during the night, as the people have to have their stuff by 6, and it's not quiet enough to sleep during the day. Doctor suggested I look for another, less stressful job, but with no real qualifications it's not that easy. I have non idea what to do right now. I think I seriously need to distract myself.

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