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What the ...

Went to the citenzen registry this morning, stood in line for ages. First the lady insisted that I had been send a work card thing, until she finally checked the computer and found out that I actually had not gotten a card. But she said she couldn't give me an application for a card because I'm registered as a resident. Apparently you have to get some form from your last place of residence so that you can register again. I'm trying to call the registry office there now. On top of it all I also ran into trouble with my residence permit, which I didn't think I would need. But because the citizenship info was wrong in the computer (I was entered as a danish citizen?!), I was supposed to have a residence permit. It's all one big mess. Before I don't get it sorted I won't be able to get paid from my newspaper job and I need the money because today I got a bill over 300 from last month and right now I only have 160.

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