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Another afternoon in my career as a teacher. Actually it was quite fun, the thing was only that virtually nobody came, 2 people, but those only for quick questions during the open hours. So we creatively wasted our time, drinking too much soda and playing word guessing games which quickly turned into friendly bickering. The thing was that you had to describe a word without using certain key phrases. It turned into something like this:
Stefan: What the quickest way to the yard?
Me: Out the window?
S: What would you destroy in the process?
M: Myself?
S: If the window was closed?
M: Glass.

All in all a gigantic waste of time. Now I have a headache from the heat and am nauseous from all the warm diet soda. But on the very bright side, four hours of work earns me 24€, bummer is that I won't get paid till January (who pays people every 6 months?)

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