Illman (illman) wrote,



Longest you've gone with out a shower - maybe 5 days during a hiking trip in Peru

Colour of most clothes you own - black, blue, dark green

Number of pillows you sleep with - two

What do your teeth look like - normal, I guess

What are you wearing? - sneakers, dark green pants, black sweater

What are you doing in 1 hour? - studying

What room are you in right now? - my room

What were you doing 12AM last night? - listening to an audiobook while trying to ignore my neighbour having a (too) good time

Do you like riddles? mostly yes

Do you like trampolines? - yes

How old will you be in 10 years? - thirty

What do you think you'll be doing in 10 years? - hopefully somethingt else

Do you have braces? - no

Last thing you ate? - fruit salad

Are you paranoid? - no

Do you burn or tan? - Burn.

Pen or pencil? - Pen.

Do you check your mail regularly? - Yes

Describe your CD player? - Don't have one.

Your wallet? - black

Your alarm clock? - inherited, old fashined, very loud

Your hair? - black-ish, very short at the moment

Tooth brush? - no idea, the nearest store only carries one kind

Computer? - Dell and ESC

Bed? - normal, I guess

Purse? - black

Notebook? - normal as well

What color are your nails? - natural

What color are your eyes? - brown

Last time you were sick? - three months ago.

Last person you yelled at? - E. , mentally

First real memory of something? - garden

First car? - never owned one

First date? - technically in 6th grade, but it sucked big time

First kiss? - much later than the aforementioned date

First break-up? - never

First job? - shelving books in a library

First screen name? - lionen

First piercing/tattoo? - none

First independent home? - last summer in Stuttgart, Germany

First love? - now an internet buddy

First enemy? - brother

First big trip? - without parental: NYC when I was sixteen

First play/musical/performance? - unsure

First musician you remember hearing in your house? - some classical music

Last cigarette? - n/a

Last kiss? - a while ago

Last good cry? - a while ago

Last library book checked out? - Analytische geometrie in vektorieller Darstellung

Last movie seen? - "4 Frauen gegen eine Bank" on ARTE

Last book read? - Physical Chemistry

Last cuss word uttered? - crap-tastic

Last beverage drank? - diet coke

Last crush? - C.

Last TV show watched? - Joan of Arcadia

Last time showered? - last night

Last shoes worn? - sneakers

Last CD played? - Audiobook Bare Bones

Last item bought? - stamps

Last annoyance? - my crappy bike

Last disappointment? - E.

Last soda drank? - Diet Coke

Last thing written by hand? - class notes this morning

Last key used? - apartment key

Last word spoken? - "hey"

Last sexual fantasy? - huh

Last weird encounter? - C at the lecture this morning *g*

Last ice cream eaten? - not sure

Last time amused? - yesterday

Last time wanting to die? - never

Last time in love? - a while ago

Last time hugged? - Jan 15, mom

Last time scolded? - on the phone this morning by mom

Last time resentful? - this morning

Last chair sat in? - my chair

Last time dancing? - 9th grade field trip to France

Last poster looked at? -"dailyinfo"


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