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there is an important rl decision to be made, hence I procrastinate

Finished editing another chapter of Fallen From Grace. This fic keeps getting longer and longer and truth is I cannot stand it anymore. If I hadn't already written all of it, I would just take it off the net and forget about it. But somehow having written a good 85 000 words (some of which are just too bad to even reread) and then do nothing would involve me facing the fact that I'm really just wasting my time.

A question for fic readers and writers: if a prologue has been set in the future and you then return to that point in time in the course of the fic, can you trust the reader to recall what has happened in the prologue which was some 60 000 words earlier or should there at least be some recap? (the prologue does contain actual plot which is important to sesequent events)

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