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Really liked this episodes. It wasn't excitring in the shippy sense (I think I'm over the CSI ship), but it was 45 minutes of good TV. Both cases were fascinating and at least the staged robbery / insurance scam was twisted and intracate enought to need another watching before I fully get all the details of who tricked whom there. I very much enjoyed that even Grissom was tricked by the scam at first. Sometimes, he is a bit too good. I didn't really care much for Warrick's and Catherine's case, although it was quite well done. The perp was creepy, but so were the parents of the vic (allowing their daughter to do stuff like that, but at the same time caring enough to read her journal). Definetly weird.

random points:

  • Nick's face when the lacque (spelling?) of the sword came off, really loved that one.

  • But on both CSIs, the perp got away this week. The girl on CSI:M and the casino guy and the other tricksters on Tursday-CSI.

  • Only minus points were for realism and Sara's hair. Don't get me wrong, I liked it curly in S1, but somehow it looked more like lettuce in this episode.

  • The preview for the next episode looks really like it's going to be a good case.

  • The ep wants me to get my CSI fanfic WIP back out.

Note: On the downloading before it airs issue, I know, that some people frown upon that. I do too. It's just that since I'm not going to see it on TV anyways, it doesn't really matter whether I download the episode today or tomorrow. I usually do it whenever I get around to it. But those of you, who can watch it on TV, do it. *g*

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