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Shamelessly stolen from nikkipeaches and starbuck42, two wonderful people, I did a

1. I cannot do just one thing at a time
2. I almost always listen to music while I work
3. I don't work enough
4. I've never held a fulltime job
5. I've never worked in a qualified job
6. It took me four high schools to graduate
7. They were in three different countries
8. Two of them were boarding school
9. Hated the first three, loved the last one
10.Met two of my best friends there.
11.Met my first and only date there.
12.We went out once.
13.He is 28 years older than I am.
14.I fled the date.
15.He had asked me out.
16.I left the prom after 10 minutes.
17.I got a Maths award which I missed.
18.I've been arrested once.
19.I've got a police record for possession.
20.Got sentenced to 15 hours of community service.
21.My parents don't know.
22.I first dyed my hair at age 12.
24.Purple and Pink after that.
25.I don't dye my hair any more.
26.A friend did my current haircut.
27.I did his.
28.I never touched alcohol.
29.I'm an extremely picky eater.
30.I love fruit and diet soda.
31.I'm addicted to diet soda.
32.Used to spend more money on it than on food.
33.I moved out of home at age 15.
34.Moved back in at 19.
35.I love TV.
36.I talk very little.
37.I talk to insects.
38.And to plants.
39.And to household appliances.
40.My computer has a name.
41.But usually I call him honey.
42.My brother's computer has a name too.
43.I really love my brother.
44.I don't get along with my sister.
45.She thinks I'm a slob.
46.Sometime I suspect that she is right.
47.I love sports.
48.I suck at everything with balls.
49.I've run a marathon.
50.I know how to drive.
51.I can't afford a license.
52.I've driven anyways.
53.I stopped after nearly getting caught.
54.I did the SAT test because the caréer advisor thought it'd be a good idea.
55.I applied to university for the same reason.
56.I got accepted into imperial college in London.
57.That's scary.
58.I hated school.
59.I always wanted to be a mailman.
60.My parents won't let me.
61.I haven't been to a doctor until I was 18.
62.A teacher made me.
63.They discovered that I've got a heart defect.
64.I used to be a THW volunteer.
65.Then I saw a body in pieces and quit.
66.I still have nightmares about that.
67.I went to a therapist.
68.It was pointless.
69.I'm obsessed with foreign languages.
70.I know seven of them.
71.I suck at all of them.
72.I can't spell in any language.
73.I'm a perfectionist.
74.I read fanfic.
75.Mostly CSI, but also others.
76.I write fanfic,albeit badly.
77.I love doing it.
78.I download almost all things TV.
79.I even download food TV.
80.I download too much.
81.But I download less than other people I know.
82.I know how to hack some types of servers.
83.I've done it.
84.I feel bad about it.
85.I forgive easily.
86.I panick easily.
87.I want to travel to Asia.
88.I'm scared a flying.
89.I've spend the better part of a transatlantic flight crying.
90.I've been in love only once.
91.It wasn't mutual.
92.I didn't get along with my parents for years.
93.I do now, mostly anyways.
94.My dad has no idea what I do.
95.That bothers me.
96.I'm not sure whether I want a family later.
97.I have a strong sense of community, I think.
98.I'm rather insecure, but hate to admit it.
99.I worry too much, but hate to admit it.
100.For the future, I just want to be happy.

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