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Because all the cool kids did it

01. Name: Illman
02. Gender: one guess
03. AKA: illman
04. Zodiac Sign: do I have to know that
05. Birth date: January
06. Height: 5'9

07. Color: black
08. Color to wear: dark ones
09. Number: 12
10. Piece of clothing: sweater

13. Do you have b/f or g/f? techically yes, emotionally no
14. Sexuality: so far straight
15. Your sexiest feature: you tell me
16. Largest age difference between you and a partner: *pulls out calculator* between me and a very nice, but hopeless date: 19 years

Last Time You:
17. Showered: lastnight
18. Danced: some time in 6th grade
19. Smiled: this morning
20 .Laughed: yesterday
21. Called Someone: yesterday
22. Who was it: my boss

Which is Better:
23. Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise
24. Sweet or Sour? Sweet
25. Old or New? new
26. Hot or cold? hot
27. Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi
28. Soft or Hard? depends on what you're talking about
29. Yesterday or Tomorrow? tomorrow
31. Fast or Slow? Fast
32. Blind or Deaf? blind
33. Open or Closed? open
34. Bath or Shower? shower
35. Black or White? black
36. Ocean or Forest? Ocean
37. Dogs or Cats? cats
38. Day or Night? day
39. Cremation or Burial? cremation
40. Even or odd?: Even
41. City or Countryside? City
42. Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate
43. Sun or Rain? sun
44. Pen or Pencil? pen
45. Summer or Winter? winter
46. Destiny or Choice? choice
47. Alone or Together? alone
48. Silver or Gold? silver

Yes or No:
49. You keep a diary: several
50. You sketch or do things while on the phone: no
51. You have a secret: definetly
52. You snore: you tell me
53. You procrastinate: would I fill this out otherwise?
54. You fold your underwear: no *G*
55. You talk in your sleep: not sure
56. You eat fast: usually
57. When the alarm goes off you immediately get up: I don't use an alarm clock
58. You enjoy being photographed: I'll kill you if you try *g*

More Basics:
59. Birthstone: not sure
60. Right or Left Handed? Right
61. Spouse or Significant Other: nope
62. Parents -- TV, computer, writing, trampolining, sleeping
64. Eating Habits: oatmeal and granola bars
65. Favorite candy: granola bars
66. Favorite ice cream: I don't like ice cream

Hygiene Habits:
67. Shampoo used: whatever is on sale
68. Conditioner used: my hair is easy to maintain
69. Styling products used: hair gel and wax
70. Makeup: none
71. Deodorant brand and scent: axe pulse (sis gave it to me for Christmas, but I suspect it's a men's fragrance since she got the same for bro)
72. Nail polish -- yes or no? no
73. If yes, favorite color: n/a
74. Sing in the shower or not? nope
75. Dress Habits: whatever is on the shelf
76. Dress style: uniform to work, jeans and sweater at home

77. What's on your answering machine? I'm too cheap to have one
78. What is the coolest gift you've ever received? a trip to NYC for my 16th birthday
79. What's the coolest gift you've given? bro knows *g*
80. Have you sent or received flowers in the past year? nope
81. Assuming you have one, what's sitting on your computer monitor? nothing
82. About how many books do you own? lots. :\
83. About how many of those have you read? all with one exceptions: some Slowenian book about what I presume means natural healing (it was a gift)
84. Do you collect anything? oh well...
85. Do you own a calendar or date book? no
86. When you're jotting down notes, do you print or write? print
87. When you doodle, what do you draw? spirals

a p p e a r a n c e:
height: 5'9"
Hair color: black/brown
skin color: pale, some have called it grey *narrow eyes*
eye color: dark brown
piercings: none
tattoos: none

r i g h t n o w :
what color pants are you wearing? dark blue
what are you listening to? Law and Order CI
what taste is in your mouth? granola bar
what's the weather like? windy but not too cold
how are you? okay
get motion sickiness? only on boats
have a bad habit? too many
like to drive? yes, especially because I can't do it legally in most countries *hugs her Peruvian drivers license*

f a v o r i t e s:
tv show: WaT, Stargate SG1, Alias, 24, CSI, Law and Order, Crossing Jordan, Food TV
conditionor: none
book: Shot by Sarah Quigley
non alcoholic drink: Pepsi
alcoholic drink: n/a
things to do on the weekend: sleeping, petting computer

h a v e y o u:
broken the law? yes
ever gone skinny dipping? nope
used your parent's credit card? yes, with permission
skipped school before: yes
fell asleep in the shower/bath: nope
been in a school play: yes

l o v e:
girlfriend/boyfriend: yes
sexuality: straight so far
children: 0
been in love: yes
had a hard time getting over someone: no
been hurt: not really
your greatest regret: no so far (do I come across as heartless?)

r a n d o m:
do you have a job? yes
your cd player has in it right now: no cd player
if you were a crayon what color would you be? black
what makes you happy: high speed internet
who makes you happiest: n/a
w h e n / w h a t w a s t h e l a s t"
time you cried: in college
you got e-mail: this morning
thing you purchased: groceries on Friday

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