Illman (illman) wrote,

April NaNo

As already posted over at creativeproject, I have signed up for the April version of NaNo. Basically it's the same as NaNo, but with a flexible word count. I set mine at 75K. Did someone say egomanic? *g* As with the November NaNo, I'll also keep this one as an open project, that is basically, making the writing proces public. Why? I'm not sure myself. For once, I wish that other writers would do this as I'm very interested in "how do people go about writing" (this btw is an invitation to comment and let me know *g*) and also, it will hopefully help me see the process more clearly myself. Granted the idea didn't really work out that well in November, but that was one hell of a bad month in too many ways to mention. So the writing updates will be posted at creativeproject (for which I think I need to whip up a layout :X)

ETA: April Nano

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