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I :wub: my maglite.

Bad work night. Well, the night was not bad, the phone call from my boss afterwards was. Okay, my performance wasn't that great (it was my first day of working a new area), but she mainly has issues with that fact that before having a job, I used to be on disability. I guess she didn't get why I chose to work instead of doing nothing all day. I don't think I'll get fired just yet, but still.

Is CSI: M new tonight?

Also a questions for the fitness knowledgable (chili_powda,sheepmobile,the_if_girl, others?), is it usual that after a worknight involving 5 hours of medium-fast paced walking and cycling (courier work) your muscles are just too tired to do any excersise all day? I do consider myself in rather good shape.

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