Illman (illman) wrote,

Woke up to an empty house this morning. Strange I have no clue where the rest of the family went, except for my sister who was making scrambled eggs in the kitchen, yuck. Because of the egg smell i grabbed the paper and fled to my basement.
I had set the computer up to write the DVD image overnight, but something went wrong. Apparently not enough disc space, but i'm sure I checked the last night. Will have to try that again. The screencaps are uploading nicely. :)

Mixed back on TV last (not like anyone actually cares) Der Letzte Zeuge wasn't as bad as the episodes from 2 weeks ago but not as theas the last one. Too much personal stuff, not enouh case work. But the case still was interesting, espceially the twist in the end, when it turned out that it had beeen just a freak accidnet

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