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After spending €950 ($1155) at the pharmacy today, I have this desperate urge to retreat from the real world for a while. But no, I need to get going on filling out the insurance forms so that I get the money that back that I spent on the meds. Hopefully, they'll also cover the prescription from the UK. Otherwise I might have a bit of a problem :X
Two more days of work, then a week off is coming up. I should use this week to travel around and check out colleges. Bro would even come along for fun. Not sure whether I'm going to do that. Still a lot of travel planning to do, but planning is fun *G*
But first, I need a hefty dose of fandom and general media exposure to recover from the day. Since several of my f-list have positively mentioned Touching Evil, so I decided to give it try. Also, there is Alias, Cold Case and eventually CSI:M. And the muse is demanding a banner and a continuation of Phase Change.

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