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The interview went well, except

. It was no questions asked, nothing about my employement history or educational background. The woman I talked to gave me a contract to sign and meanwhile explained which days and hours she expected to see me working. To my question what I should put as under subjects taught, I was told to put whatever I thought I was up to. Weird. Then it was time to teach my first class for which I was utterly unprepared of course. It went pretty well, considering that it was the first time I worked with kids. Their previous teacher had read a book with them and they are still in the middle of it, but since I hadn't read it (will do that tonight) , we stayed on rather general topics and only used the book text for some exercises. Gonna be more prepared tomorrow.

While screencapping a supposedly 'shippy scene from Sex, Lies and Larvae as a favour for someone. It was strange, Grissom was just an old dude who had zero chemistry with Sara. Their relationship seemed everything but mutually romantic to me. To me Sara looked like a student with a crush. Maybe my CSI watching days are really over. Fandoms come and go. Or they stay - three of them have so far. I don't know what made them stay, one of those shows had one season that rocked, and four that sucked beyond description, but I stopped watching at the beginning of the third season. So, is one great season enough? Even though there is a limited number of episodes the show's universe is still interesting and worth exploring and discussing. Or take M7, the show had one baaaad season, then got cancelled and still there is a lot of fanfic getting written now. But with that show it seems to be the characters not the world that is intriguing for the fans, is a huge portion of the fic takes place in AUs.
In turn with lots of other fandoms I've just plain lost interest, or the show has taken a turn I didn't like, or new shows didn't turn out as well as they looked. CSI is a mix of the first two I think. The show has lost quality, but somehow that isn't all there is to it, I've gone from being interested in the characters to being annoyed by most of them, especially by Grissom. Did anyone say incompetent leadership? Not that Catherine would do a much better job. Granted, the cases have gotten better in S4, but the mix isn't working as well anymore. At least not for me : /
Who knows, I've had fandom recurrences before, my fandomship for Stargate SG1, has been dead more times than Mulder.

Anyone wanna share their fandom thoughts and histories? I'd love to hear it.

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