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15 April 2004 @ 03:05 pm
A question for the US folks: What's tax day? Is that when your tax declarations ( ? ) are due?

No work today, no class either unless I missed something. I could stay home, read, study, tend to triangle!fic and scific!epic or I could go downtown and do all the stuff I should have done in the last two weeks (plus getting my glasses fixed which is the only real motivation to go). In an absolutly logic-defying movement I managed to knock them off my nose and send them flying against the nearest wall when I opened a door. Bah. Bro couldn't stop laughing. He is the one who lost his glasses in the Atlantic ocean last summer. Until, I get mine fixed, I'm wearing the old geekazoid ones. :avoids mirror:

The last WaT fanfic I read was stepf's Chaos Theory which was absolutly beautifull, angsty, simple, touching and wonderfull. I am meaning to read deadlikemedaisy's Goodbye , but last night, I was in the mood for something either short or something less J/S. At heart, I'm a casefile junkie. But WaT fic at ff.net seems to be getting worse and worse. No offense to you guys, those you whose fic I've read, you rock! Athough some of you have been very quiet lately. *pokes eolivet and chili_powda.* Anyways the dismal fic hunt got me thinking.

Maybe it's the size of the fandom that makes it's ff.net section unbearable. (I distinctly recall actually finding some decent WaT fic on ff.net around this time last year).
Since you guys come from a variety of fandoms, how does this relate to your fandom(s)? Do you even bother to hunt for fic at ff.net? Why or why not? If you write fic yourself where do you usually post it?

I want anyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less.
Ask me anything you want.

Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything! That sounds too commanding. Do whatever you want *g*
Current Mood: workingjittery and vaguely sick
buggs: daaaaamn! -- jeszboofadil on April 15th, 2004 02:12 am (UTC)
CSI and WaT are the only fandoms I've ever had to go to ff.net to get fic in. It's probably a huge, huge, huge part of why it makes no sense to me why it's so freakin' popular.

1. where is your perfect place? that place, anywhere in the world where it's. just. perfect. and you never want to leave.

2. what is your favorite memory of all time?

3. what is the best song you've ever heard?
buggsboofadil on April 15th, 2004 02:13 am (UTC)
and yes! tax day is the day where we file our income tax.
Illmanillman on April 15th, 2004 02:50 am (UTC)
eeep, unfun. Had to do it twice this year because I had earnings in two countries.
Illmanillman on April 15th, 2004 02:32 am (UTC)
1. That's a hard one. I've been lucky to have been to many stunnigly beautiful places. But okay, if I have to pick one this is it. It's a bench that goes around a very big, very old tree. Sitting on the bench you sit in the shade of the tree. The bench is right at the shore of Lake Constance (Germany). From the bench you have the most perfect and peaceful view of the Lake and across the Lake you can see the snow covered peaks of the Swiss Alps. I know this description is totally inadequate, I guess it's one of things you have to have seen it things.

2. Another hard one. And one that is going to make me sound weird since there is nothing really special about it. Two friends and I went to see a hockey game. Nothing special happened there, I don't remember who won, but it was just perfect. Doesn't make sense, I know.

3.It's not a song, Mozart's Zauberflöte is the most beautiful music I've ever heard.
planbee on April 15th, 2004 02:18 am (UTC)
I want anyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less.


1) What's your favorite book?

2) What was your favorite toy as a child?

3) What's your favorite hard candy?

Dang, that was hard.
Illmanillman on April 15th, 2004 02:35 am (UTC)
1. Shot by Sarah Quickley

2. Makes me sound like a girl, but I loved dolls.

3. I'm not so much into hard candy, but everything sour is good.
Tali: Staresiresin on April 15th, 2004 02:26 am (UTC)
Maybe it's the size of the fandom that makes it's ff.net section unbearable. (I distinctly recall actually finding some decent WaT fic on ff.net around this time last year).
Since you guys come from a variety of fandoms, how does this relate to your fandom(s)? Do you even bother to hunt for fic at ff.net? Why or why not? If you write fic yourself where do you usually post it?

As someone who was fully introduced to fanfic through the Harry Potter fandom, which is insane, ff.net was never a place I really looked for fic, well good fic. In fact, fanfiction.net is usually regarded as somewhat of a swear-word in HP fanfic circles. Fandoms always start out there but most of the time they get too big and the bad!fic at ff.net gets too much, so usually other archives start being created based upon a pairing (like grisssomaandsara.net) or all pairings but having some sort on entrance criteria (good spelling and grammar.) And then there is authors' personal archives.

Don't get me wrong there's someone good stuff at ff.net but as the fandom grows you have to dig more and more to find it and eventually I find people give up and only go there unless they're pointed there by someone else.

There's also LJ, which with the fact it's now free adds another new element to fanfic.

The WaT fandom is growing up, which is in a way good but in a way, very bad.

I write fic occasionally and while I usually put my WaT fic up at ff.net I wouldn't put my HP fic up there. All of it goes on my LJ or on my website, which no one reads but I like to have and I post links on some message boards (like Maple St) or LJ communities.

And sorry, I got a little contemplative back there. ;)

Illmanillman on April 15th, 2004 02:44 am (UTC)
Can't say much about HP since I only fringe-lurk in the fandom, but I'm also involved in some bigger fandoms which are mainly archives outside ff.net. Somehow CSI has failed to take off somewhere other than ff.net. Yes there is grisssomaandsara.net , which has been around for a while, but it doesn't seem to be used that much. The same goes for the WaT archive section of grisssomaandsara.net/ . I don't know how it is for other authors, I usually post my fic at ff.net in the hope that there at least someone will read it, as opposed to posting it on a personal site. Not to mention that I'm too lazy to make a layout for a site ;)

What fandom future needs are good, honest recs. And sadly, that has suffered over at YTDaW lately, IMHO. *hides*

okay, that was rambly and the last part probably unpopular.

Tali: Jacksiresin on April 15th, 2004 03:01 am (UTC)
Yeah, I kind of picked grissomandara.net out of thin air because I needed an example, I never check there either but I also hardly go looking for G/S fic, I just sometimes follow the occasional rec at YTDaW.

And I totally know what you mean about posting at ff.net. That's why I post my WaT fic there too, as for HP, well if you've ever read a typical review of an HP story at ff.net, it's a scary thing.

Good honest recs are really good and recs pages and communities (like crack_van) are where I get most of my fic from now anyway, as well as from authors I know and like. With YTDaW ... I do agree with you mostly (some of the CSI recs have scared me) and it's just the fandom getting larger thing, I think. *sighs*
hope springs a kernel: eric face [carolinecrane]oh_mumble on April 15th, 2004 03:00 am (UTC)
For ages, I was happily wandering in large, anonymous fandoms with central archives. HP, Buffyverse, West Wing. And then I found the smaller fandoms of WaT and CSI, which I absolutely adore, and discovered I had to hunt through ff.net for fic. I'm really, really not keen on the archive, simply because of the huge volumes of really, *really* badly written fic. I don't mean the odd scenarios or slight out-of-characterness, or even the interesting interpretations of grammar, because I can skim over those and fix them in my head as I read. I mean the 'who-are-these-characters-what-the-hell-were-you-thinking?!' stories written by teeny boppers with crushes and Mary Sue fantasies and no concept of plot, character or the punctuation keys. I'll read authors that I 'know' over at ff.net, like yourself and Neko, and I'll read people that you guys reccommend. I'm much more likely to search for an author, rather than a particular kind of story.

I'm also a casefic junkie, but I always find it odd that for two fandoms revolving around crime, there is a distinct *lack* of casefic. I mean, there isn't a lack of vampires in Buffyfic, is there? *g*

La, la, la, rant over. I think I might have ff.net issues.... ;)
Illmanillman on April 15th, 2004 03:21 am (UTC)
It's pretty much the same with me. I knew that there was ff.net, but before CSI I never really saw any point in using it as there were always plenty of better alternatives for fanfic. Either the shows had so large fandoms that there were huge archives or so small that you could get fic easily off lists. And while there were some weirder plots and out of characterness in the further-away-from-canon pairings, most of the fic was actually good stuff - at it was mostly decent writing and had a plot. Well, but I got into fandom 1995/1996 (at least my first fics date that time), fewer people were online back then. And also, less teenagers (not to be negative about young writers) were online back then. FF.net makes it just so easy to post fic, making it at the same time harder to read fic. I've authoralert set for a few authors that I read, but unless I'm bored, I rarely do random fic hunt at ff.net.

Okay, done rambling
syperpentroy!: WaT - always at the back of your mindentropy84 on April 15th, 2004 04:46 am (UTC)
I only FF.net for CSI, WaT, and WW... and I usually just check to see what's new when it's updated. IMO, CSI and WaT don't have really well developed fic hosting sites. I mean, if anyone who sees this knows of some (other than g&s.com, I know that one) then point me to it. Otherwise, I just stick with ff.net... and the many west wing sites. *sheesh* :)

1. Of everywhere you've lived, which has been your favorite?

2. Who are you most like: Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister (you have a sister, right? she's off at school?)?

3. If you were to do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?
Illmanillman on April 15th, 2004 05:17 am (UTC)
1. As always I'm having a hard time deciding. Not factoring in personal circumstances it's a tie between Überlingen (Germany) and Oxford (UK). Both are beautiful places in very different ways, Oxford being a historic city and Überlingen being a town in an amazing landscape right at Lake Constance.

I'm actually surprised that both of my favourites are European cities. Hhmm.
Both Cape Town and Aerequipa are fascinating in a way that is very different from European cities, but living there also lacking a bit where education and work opportunities are concerned. And somehow I never really felt totally at ease there.

2. Definetly most like my brother, and yes I have a sister and yes she is off at school.

3. oi, you are trying to make me think ;) You can join my mom with this question, it's something I so have no clue about. Having a personal crisis of sorts about that at the moment, so no answer there today :/

How is your day?
syperpentroy!: Resisting Temptationentropy84 on April 15th, 2004 05:53 am (UTC)
Aw, no personal crisis today! Eat chocolate and relax. :)

I'm sleepy... and erm, at work? Nothing overly exciting.
Illmanillman on April 15th, 2004 05:57 am (UTC)
very nauseous (from meds) so I better stay away from the choclate, but I'm working on the relaxing part.

I'm sleepy... and erm, at work?

What's with the question mark? You're not sure whether you're at work? j/k, j/k Get yourself a coffee and look forward to Teeeveee tonight.
Evidence: jackevidenceshows on April 15th, 2004 05:59 am (UTC)
1. How did you get first started into computer and how many years ago was that?

2. What is the craziest thing you've ever done or what is the smartest thing you've ever done (you can choose which part to answer)?

3. What interests you most with postal work?
Illmanillman on April 15th, 2004 06:30 am (UTC)
1. Depends on how you define getting into computers - both of my parents are scientists and ever since I can remember we had computers in the house and with those also "video" games. Back then that was like Tetris, Impact and something Domino like. I loved to play those when I was little even though I totally sucked. I got my first own computer when I was 13-ish.

2. From a let's be reasonable point of view, I guess the smartest thing I ever did was let the a teacher talk me into applying to Oxford University.

3. You mean which field or why it appeals to me that much? Field: mail man. Why: the combination of thing: you get to move, it's something neat and organized, it's outdoors.
eolivet on April 15th, 2004 07:12 am (UTC)
1. Approximately what percentage of your Friends' journals do you read on a regular basis?

2. Pick one to take to a deserted island and watch for all eternity: WaT S1 or CSI S2?

3. Are you a WaT fan who's a 'shipper or a 'shipper who's a fan of WaT -- and why?
Illmanillman on April 15th, 2004 07:40 am (UTC)
1. Well, I skim through my entire f-list every day if I'm online. The filter of people that I'll read even when I don't have a lot of time is around 20 people large.

2. Definetly WaT S1, I think it has more layers, for a lack of a better term. There are the great cases and there is the subtle 'ship become unsubtle in AYN and of course there is FO...

3. WaT fan who is a 'shipper, I love the 'ship, but I love the show more. As simple as that *g*
wliberation @ livejournalwliberation on April 15th, 2004 08:55 am (UTC)
FF.net. It's a handy place to start, especially if you have absolutely no html skills whatsoever, but I think that exactly is the problem: because ff.net is the place where everyone "tries their wings". The result of that is a lot of bad fic by unexperienced authors who really don't know what to do with the keyboards. There are several great authors there and yes, it's a place where people come together and where one can get readers. The bad thing is that one can get lost in there so easily; either your story gets lost under the pile of others or you yourself get lost because there are simply too many stories. In smaller fandoms it's not a problem, but in fandoms such as CSI...

I've stopped using ff.net almost completely. I only check the WaT section now and then. I got so sick of screaming teenagers (thank goodness that not all teenagers are like them) who will praise you to heaven and back if you manage to type the name of their favourite character. Managing coherent sentences? Not as important, they think. Nor is, apparently, plot, characterization, originality, grammar or canon. And if you write something that is a bit unorthodox or playing with style? Hell will break loose. The people there are just too homogenic for a general archive, in my opinion. God forbid if you write a slash fic and don't "warn" about it.

Okay, sorry. I'm begin to rant again. Didn't mean to do that in your journal. Sorry. Anyway, I had three questions for you when I started writing this. Where did they go.... Ha! There you are!

1) Do you listen to radio/music in the morning before leaving to school/work?

2) Name one thing you just couldn't throw away. (It's a question. Really.)

3) What is your favourite time of year?

::goes back to fiddling with Photoshop again::
kendrathe_if_girl on April 15th, 2004 09:58 am (UTC)
Well, I admit I don't read any fan fic, but here are my questions.

1. Why'd you add me to your list (not that I mind)?

2. What is the origin of your username?

3. What attracted you to pen your life on LJ?

:) Thanks!
Illmanillman on April 15th, 2004 10:50 pm (UTC)
Re: hmmmm
1. I'm not sure how I came across your journal, probably through some community or using the display-random-journal-function (I do that a lot). But I added you because I find your journal interesting. We don't have many interest in common but I like reading about people who are into different things.

2. It started with a high school French Class sketch vaguely based on Molière. Basically we each wrote our own character. Mine was called "homme malade" (think a bit like "Le malade imaginaire"). The name kind of stuck and eventually translated to its English equivalent of illman.

3. Since as you probably noticed my life isn't more interesting than most peoples' lives and a good deal of it is spent obsessing about the (mis)adventures of fictional characters, I write on lj to vent, to meet fandom people, to meet people with very different interests and to have a place to toss around random ideas and questions.
Your Shrimpinesshartofsilver on April 17th, 2004 02:25 am (UTC)
1. What is your gender? (I've been wondering this for a while considering I have seen things in your journal that confused me when I thought I had figured it out...)
2. What is the most illegal thing you've ever done?
3. Do you smoke?

(I know, my questions are boring, i'm not very creative in the morning :P )

Illmanillman on April 17th, 2004 02:44 am (UTC)
1. Definetly female.

2. Oh, I was a bad teenager. Most illegal is hard to classify. Some years ago, two friends and I did get caught driving a boat without permit and ended up having to do some community service. Guess that's the most illegal thing I've ever done.

3. Nope, I tried like once but it tasted horrible.