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Fanfic, possibly more where that came from

Minor fic frustration with scific-crossover. After spending most of the afternoon sorting out some science issues of my story that arrose from trying to mesh the sciences of the two universes. I'm still butchering science, but hell, so are the shows. I'm now turning to what has been bugging me about it from the start. It's an action/adventure story and I'm pretty happy with how that plot is coming along, but somehow there isn't enough emotion in the story. (and no there aren't any Vulcans in there). Sure, there is the odd bit of thought, but most of the time, the characters are just to busy to allow for the luxury of much emotional display. And to keep things in character, most of them aren't the most overtly emotional types anyways. The most they ever seem to do is argue when their orders aren't followed they way they expect. The story feels just flat. But then, I have only written casefile and angst until now, never (well, not in the last few years) action/adventure and might just not be used to the different kind of pacing and emotion. I know most of you guys write more romatic, angsty or porny stories, but has anyone ever tried themselves at the action/adventure genre? Any advice?

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