Illman (illman) wrote,

Think Round

Bro asked me tag along to some college open door day. I'd already said yes, figuring that I needed to get on with figuring out where to apply, when it occured to me that I still am a student and don't need to apply anywhere else. Bad brain day or everyone's favourite Egyptian river?

Looking back, my three months at university seem very surreal. It wasn't that bad actually. The food and the wheather sucked, chem classes were dull, math classes were somewhat interesting, physics classes were usually amusing and my on-the-side job was boring. I met some interesting people and spent too much time online, but that was about it. I can't say that I actually did much or learned a lot. There was a single exam in those three month, which I just about passed. Leaving for at least a year wasn't planned, but when I left, I was just glad it was over. A lot of that was due to health issues, but after I'd been away for a while, I realized, I didn't miss any of it, aside from the decent internet connection and being able to sleep until 8 a.m. in the morning. It would be impossible to pick on thing that bothered me about going to university, well aside from that fact that I'm not that reading type, it just felt like a serious waste of time and resources. A constant sort of "What the hell am I doing here ?" - feeling. Might have been the subjects I picked - I only took science because I don't like reading very much.
The point? - What now - or more specifically what next fall?

a)Shut up, stop whining, get the neccessary paperwork stuff together and go back to the UK. That's pretty self-explanatory. Getting a grip never hurt anybody.

b)Forget the college thing entirely. - Not very practical, as I probably have the intellectual abilities for it. But four years of that?!

c)Rethink it. Maybe take a more suitable subject, As someone who speaks 8 languages I shouldn't be surprised that my talents don't lie with physics. Maybe apply to another university. Probably the most sane option - but I so have no clue. This was exactly like it was the first time around. I'm afraid that I'm just going to make things worse.

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