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Fandom and I are offically breaking up. It's been happening all along. You probably already noticed that the fannish-ness of my entries has decreased a lot in the last few weeks. I won't stop watching and loving TV. I've been watching too much TV for the last decade. I won't stop writing fic, I've been doing that for seven years. LJ - keeping that. The archives - until the end of the season. Posting fic - nope.

I only came to fandom (as a community thing) about a year ago. I knew that it existed long before that. I had occassionally read fanfic on the 'net before but hadn't been too thrilled about the general quality, and a short time on an EFC mailing list was enough for me. YTDaW was the first time I used a board for fanish stuff. Fandom was good in some ways. Without it, I would never have met you guys. But a lot of that other fandom stuff? No, not for me.

If someone wants to unfriend me because they read this for fandom, go ahead, I don't mind.

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