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From a a list of 25 reasons to be alive next week

which a friend showed to me years ago, I only remember one:
Um am Ende sagen zu können: geil war's.
To be able to say afterwards: it really rocked.
So why exactly did last week rock?

  • I was employed at least part of the time

  • CSI was on TV on WED

  • I meet some very nice people on-line (you really rock!)

  • I got my paycheck

  • Sarah passed her exam

  • Christina got on the 3rd page

  • Lisbah got her scholarship

  • my sorry self passed the exam as well

  • Got 40 out of 45 points

  • Nils didn't email me

  • Marketa did email me

  • mail trace found the parcel

  • I've gotten my work-card

  • my other favourite shows were on TV

  • there was enough soda in the fridge

  • server costs are covered for now

  • the tomatoes moved and TV reception got better

  • Things are picking up at Tubey

  • the screencaps are up

  • the dailies are up

  • finally got Tetris for my computer

  • my hospital test results aren't in yet

  • ignorance is bliss

  • I can finally pay my bills from last month

  • no more debt

  • nothing broke or tore

  • the DVD menu design is finished

  • I've gotten an idea for my WIP WSDF

  • I went to the gym

  • I worked out (little but it's something)

  • I continued nwriting fanfic

  • the weather was good

  • the bike still holds together

  • had a lot of fun

  • and some good laughs

  • Stefan's a great friend

  • my sister and I exchanged a few civil words

  • my mom and I fought only once

  • my father now knows that I graduated high school

  • dld some more CSI Miami episodes that I missed

  • dld other episodes from other good shows

  • had a blast playing guessing games

  • got to cook and bake a lot

  • read Bare Bones which is good

  • listened to good music

  • made it out alive


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