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What does it take?

Even after having ditched fandom and with two jobs, I still seem to have to have way too much time on my hands. I just watched one episode three times in row each time in a different language (French, Spanish, Italian each time using subtitles of another language than audio). The point, none in particular, other than recreation of course. To dampen the criminal waste of time, I made a list of words I didn't know and looked them up. Yes, I am pathetic. This is how I learned English. Still, as a new productivity low, this sounds pretty good. And there were no mitigating circumstances. Drug upping hasn't happened yet.

Have any of you ever wondered what you would do instead if you wouldn't watch any TV?

Basically what is bugging me, is what do people do after work? (yes, that is a bit of a mental leap) Sounds stupid, I know. If I just go to the gym, cook dinner and watch TV, I'm always thinking Illman, you're letting your brain rot. Challenge yourself a bit!.

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