Illman (illman) wrote,

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Insiginficant labering (is that a word?)

Did a lil' bike tour of the area, major mistake. I seem to get less fit every week, maybe I should care about the test results from the cardiologist. There is an ugly thought.
But other than it was simply stunningly beautiful. The light was just perfect, along with the landscape. Never thought it could look so beautiful around here. I'm starting to enjoy the summer here. Also tried out my sunglases. I got them for my summer vacation in 2001, then forgot to take them with me. Unearthed them a couple of days ago. I have never worn sunglases, it give things a weird look. I think I look like an instect with them on, but me sitting on a bike with a pink helmet on top, can't hurt to wear sunglases, lol.

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