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*eeep* - I'm turning into my parents

I might just add another thing to the list of things to figure out. How to prevent life from slipping out of control by absent-mindedness?
Forgetting to eat is a classic made very easy by med side effects, forgetting to buy food is another favourite (after all, if you forget to eat it, how should you remember to buy it in the first place), forgetting to refill prescriptions on time happens, forgetting time and therefore forgetting to go to bed before it's time to get up is only a rare problem. I like sleep.

This weekend: There is a scale telling me that food would be a good idea. And I have run out of one of my meds. Maybe time to start watching things a little more. The distraction definetly isn't the internet - more like my busy mind and whatever it's putting me up to *G*

The Plan: sleep, go to work, find a pharmacy, eat something (and mental note: diet coke isn't a meal)

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