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The short one

Sunday's still my favourite work-day, but Moday are a close second. The only downside is the long commute on Mondays. Bus, train, subway. Sunday I cheapcan bike to work, much better and mucher cheaper.

Since I'm generally cheap and never find the right size anyways, I always wear my old school uniform to work since it's the only business-like attire I have. Today, one of my students recognized the school logo on my blazer jacket. Asked me about it how long I'd gone there, whether I'd enjoyed the time there. He couldn't believe it when I said that yes, I did enjoy the time there. I often get that about having been to boarding school. In the minds of a lot of people sending your kids (especially at a young age) to boarding school seems to be a horrible thing to do. I could rant about this for pages, but well, this is probably only of interest to me and no one else ;)

  • downloading Harry Potter 3 in English is turning into a patience trying experience :/

  • the mailman brought new material for languages studies distractions

  • there is a new cure for boredom Introduction to Sahidic Coptic - a riveting read (it was a gift)


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