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Fandom, other hobbies, and second thoughts

Today I miss fandom. Or more to the point, I miss the guilt-free escapism it offers. No offense to anyone in fandom, I'm not calling you guys escapists, it's just me who tends to use anything as a way to avoid thinking too much about the wrong things. But I do miss fanfic of which I used to read a lot. And I miss writing it. Original fiction isn't really my thing. Besides, who would read that? *G*
But otherwise, I'm fairly happy with the return to the hobby of my pre-online fandom years. It feels more productive and somehow more sane (again no offense intended) than to write about the love-lives of other people's fictional characters. But I'll write another fic sooner or later :) Escapism is always a motive if I'm involved. An aquaintance who is brilliant, but very weird explained it like this: Languages are a great way to keep the mind busy. I took her advice.

But I can have a hobby without second thoughts. Sports, I like doing them, as long as there are no flying objects.

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