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Today wasn't boring so far, I can say that

I think I got fired today. My boss didn't spell it out, but considering that she told one of my classes is cancelled and that I shouldn't bother coming for the other ones. She'd call me if she needs me again. Sounds like I'm fired. Not that I never saw it coming. Aparently I don't motivate the kids enough, say the parents and my boss. (my version: they are a disciplineless, desinterested bunch) As far as I'm concerned motivation is overrated. (this has nothing to do with trying to make things understandable and interesting for kids, this has to do with kids throwing down the book and screaming: "I'm not doing that!") That's probably why I prefer teaching adults, they come to class beause they (generally) want to learn something and at least pretend to be interested in what I say. [/rant]

Time off is good too. Time to sleep off meds. Time to read. Time to study. Yeah, still not sure what it's going to be in fall: back to Oxford or some place here. Last week I was sure. This is not a good week for thinking. *shrugs*

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