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Random notes on streamload and other stuff

It's too hot outside. That's why I fled the family lunch. Impossible to eat out on the patio, besides I don't like the idea of the entire neighbourhood seeing what is on my plate. It's not that much cooler inside, but my computer is in the basement so that's ok.
Streamload is loading nicely again, but it's taking time processing my uploads. i have no idea why this sometimes takes a day or more and sometimes it's only minutes. Well, if it isn't done by this time tomorrow, another mail to customer support is in order. Not that it'll help much. Since I've an account with them (since beginning of the year) I've mailed about numerous problems and only once anyone has actually gotten back to me. But othere people on EZ have the same problem btw there is a new update out on EZ, nothing interesting in the episodes section, but I migth request some of the new audiobook. Streamload is one of the best ineventions I have seen in a while. Seriously, you get files via streamload mail and can download them oit of your own quote, plus you can host files. Must have been a lucky day when I stumbled over it. But it's hard to keep it sorted I have 15.7 TB worth of files and the majority hasn't even been sighted. The results of my extremly brief career as a mod at B's Streamclub. But I'm not the only mod you got kicked out in under 48 hours. The admin was having serious issues, lol. Didn't do much this morning: surf the net, cook, finish another cake, work around the house. Hopefully I'll get done more this afternoon. I want to have the next chapter of WSDF out be tonight. But I've said that before. I'm just not happy with it and I keep tweaking around.

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