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The language filter I made a while ago has grown beyond just words and grammar, it also inludes fair bits of history and mythology. Also added Physics, but no laughing, please. Anyone want off or on the filter in view of the change from language ramblings to general learning ramblings?

*hopes that lj is nice and actually posts this*


stockade -1. fortification consisting of a fence made of a line of stout posts set firmly for defense
(hypernym) fortification, munition
- 2. a penal camp where political prisoners or prisoners of war are confined (usually under harsh conditions)
to ankylose - versteifen (Gelenke)
hammock - hanging bed made of woven rope or canvas and suspended by cords at either end - Hängematte
Supine means lying on the back, or with the face upward.
Prone means lying with the front or face downward (
bazaar (spelling!)  - originally, a public market district of a Persian town. From Persia the term spread to Arabia (the Arabic word suq is synonymous), Turkey, and North Africa. In India it came to be applied to a single shop; and in current English usage it is applied both to a single shop or concession selling miscellaneous articles.

You sow seeds, and sew things tightly together. This is wrong:
If I wrote books, I’d have the Pulitzer sown up right about now.
Ms. Nitpicker is sure her Pulitzer is sewn up so tightly it shall not escape her. Vote early and often.
(huh? it's sew, sewed, sewn/sewed and sow, sowed, sown/sowed - what do the native speakers say about this sentence in general? (source quote)(soure verbs))

A hoard is a hidden or stored fund or supply, guarded for future use. "Neelix kept a secret hoard of coffee beans, for emergencies."
A horde is a swarm or throng, of people, animals or insects. Historically, the Mongol Horde. (that I didn't know)


le caillou - stone, pebble
moisir - to mold
le bidule - thingummy, thingy
la gifle - slap, smack
les (?) palmarès - list of prizewinners (is this word in plural? The context would indicate otherwise: On pourra ajouter celle-là à notre palmarès !)
la lassitude- lassitude, tiredness
jeter l’éponge - to give up (?)
l'emprise - hold
ankylosé - stiff; ankylose
obtempérer  - to obey

words I didn't figure out: mouais, bidouiller and délite (although there the fanfic author might have meant d'élite)

Latin (no, I don't know any Latin, except a few words here and there)

quercus - oak tree, garland of oak leaves

other stuff

Xuxulim-ha - The Freezing House,  from Mayan mythology, described in The Popol Vuh : The second was Xuxulim-ha, the house where everybody shivered, in which it was very cold. A cold, unbearable wind blew within. soure

Hunhun-Apu and Vukub-Hunapu - hero-brothers in Mayan mythology who accepted a challenge by Hun-Came and Vukub-Came, rulers of Xibalba (Mayan Underworld). The brothers were fooled by Hun-Came and Vukub-Came and killed. (source)

Euripides - last of classical Athens' three great tragic dramatists, following Aeschylus and Sophocles.
(more info)

Not much to say about this subject, I have no clue and had nothing to do with it before college. I find the concept interesting, but lack basic knowledge and advanced maths skills. Until I decide what to do in fall, I'll keep reading up on Physics. If that doesn't persuade me to decide faster ...*G*

Better late than never. I know this is high school material. Just learning about the basics.

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