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My Best Friend is nutmeggies
Our 5 common interests are: languages, reading, science, tv, writing
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

Thanks starbuck42 , trigeekgirl and ximene_xuxa for past help with unknown words. Here is the new list. Anyone want to brag with their vocabulary? I'll be most humbled *G* Seriously, the English language has a scary numbers of words to express tiny nuances.

still unknown:
harles reade
boonie hat

to unscrunch
to buck (Suddenly the sofa bucked and moved)
to rankle (Yes it was sort of an invasion of his privacy, and there was a definite part of him that rankled at needing help, but there also was a certain comfort in having someone else around)
Is it "Who kissed who first?" or "Who kissed whom first?"
What is this phrase about: Never, ever let unethical ethicists let me die for them?


Lysol - brand name of a liquid used as an antiseptic and disinfectant
liniment - ointment or cream which is spread on the skin (especially one which soothes or relieves pain)
gallantry - chivalry; courage; heroism; courtesy
crony - Kumpan, Freund, Spießgeselle
chukka - type of shoe
to look askance at - to look suspiciously, look with distrus
cub - young animal (especially a young bear or tiger); scout; ill-mannered youth
apoplectic - pertaining to apoplexy (sudden physical attack, stroke); full of rage; red in the face
anoxia - deficiency of oxygen in body tissue
imperious - overbearing, domineering; urgent, absolutely necessary
impishly - adv. mischievously, devilishly, in an impish manner
ruefully - adv. mournfully, regretfully, sadly; pitiably, deplorably
shmuck - jerk, annoying person, fool
ventriloquist - expert in ventriloquism, one who is skilled in the art of speaking so that the voice seems to come from a source other than the speaker
miscreant - rascal, villain; one who holds a false or unorthodox religious belief
squiffy - adj : slang for `drunk'
oar - long pole with a wide flat end that is used to propel a boat
inglorious - adj. disgraceful, shameful
pusillanimous - adj. cowardly, timid, fearfu
eddy - circular current, small whirlpool (of wind or water)
to neck - v.  (Slang) kiss and caress, "make out" (usually about teenagers); kill a bird for food preparation by chopping its head off at the neck; strangle
smarmy - adj.  excessively ingratiating, unctuous; sleek and smooth
vacuous - adj. empty, lacking meaning; containing no content; vacant; having no occupation, idle
DCU - Data Control Unit
to  blather - v.  talk nonsense
bozo - bully, strong and stupid child
ascendant  - n.  control, rule, power; ancestor; sign of the zodiac rising above the horizon at the time of birth .Huh? That doesn't really explain this sentence "Not all the answers you seek are within the power of the ascendant to disclose,"


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