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This post has been long coming...

Now that the graduating class from this year has their grades, I should really get going with the decision of what I'm going to do in the fall, I have been thinking about it, and thinking, thinking some more and some more, and I'm stuck.I even tried to assign + and - to the arguments for the different options. I ended up with negative totals all around *G* .

Option 1:

I could go back to Oxford where I was last fall before I got ill. There I'd be studying Chemistry. Major downside: Physics in all its splendors and all the Maths that comes with it. I know why I never took Physics and avoided advanced Maths.

Option 2:

I could stay and apply to a more local university and study linguistics in combination with another subject (which one is still open to consideration). Major downside: It ain't Oxford ;) Applying and getting in. Apartment hunting all over again. With Chem I at least know what I'm getting into ;)

So stuck there.


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