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This morning while snail-hunting in the garden, I found my neighbour's pet-tortoise between the plants. I assume it's my neighbour's since those things don't run around in the wild and he does keep one as a pet.  Now 'Eurydice' is sitting in a big plastic tub until the neighbour comes back from work. As far as creepy animals go, it's non-threatening so far. It didn't try to bite or scratch, it's just a lot heavier than it looks. The mailman brought good stuff as well, the doc's letter for university. The 'English' however is alarming. Your is spelled jour and it's interspersed with German words. Things are basically spelled the way they would be in German. I can make sense of most of it because I know what it says. Since it took me months to get this letter, I can hardly go tell doc that it's not acceptable. I'll probably type up a proper English version myself and sent it along with the original. As far any final decision, I haven't made it yet. Still struggling with the doubts, ego and my ambitious side. Most of the time, I'm leaning towards going back to Oxford, but when I take a good, hard look at reality and my abilities, a less stressful, more local place seems like a better match for me. It's just hard to get used to the idea of giving up the semi-dream of studying in Oxford. I want to prove to myself that I'm up to it. (mom's comment on this: God, I'd hate to be 20 again) Silly, you bet ;)

Apologies to however few readers I may have. Lately this journal hasn't been entertaining to read. I have ranted, rambled and whined mostly about the same subjects (as evident by this entry: doc, meds, college issues) over and over, mostly without getting anywhere. Since most of the things I complain about are things that aren't going to change, no matter what, I guess it's time I get over myself and get on with it.

Pretty much the first thing that hit me on the 'net today was that JF and GE had been fired. Definetly came as a shock, and I think it's a bad, bad move for the show, although, and this is not going to make me popular, the way Nick (and also Warrick) is written, he is a fairly replacable character. Sara, in spite of slacking writers in recent seasons, is first off a slightly more multi-dimensional character on her own and because of her (non)relationship/relationshiptension with Grissom way less replacable within the team structure than Nick. All just my irrelevant thoughts. But overall, it didn't affect me nearly as it would have a year ago. I might or might not watch CSI next season, but I don't think I'll archive it anymore.

You guys know what I watch, so what do you suggest I archive next season? I have some ideas, but I'm curious to hear whether you have any suggestions. So far, I've done CSI, WaT and per request Alias and 24.

still unknown
Dudael - He loved Alexis dearly and hoped one day he'd find the Dudael he was looking for, in reality anyway although not, he trusted, in the afterlife.


to go kablooie - I'd felt like it was all about to go kablooie, and it did.
baser - "I was taken over by baser forces."
to erk ...and Grissom can erk me to no end. quoted from evidenceshows
to noogie - It was no fun to noogie him with short hair.
lip of the table- When she sat back down she could barely see over the lip of the table. same as edge of the table?
to faunch - Shouldn't he be faunching at the bit to get out of there?
muckety-muck - My father is - was, actually, since I think he's retired now -- a big muckety-muck there


autocratic - dictatorial, despotic, all-powerful
mahonia - shrub native of America and Asia belonging to the barberry family
sheaf - bundle of grain bound together after harvesting; bundle, collection
rejoinder - answer, response, reply
snotty - having a runny nose, of or pertaining to mucus (Vulgar Slang); impudent, obnoxious, irritating (Slang)
corduroy - cotton fabric with lengthwise ridges
declension - (Grammar) variation of the form (of a noun, verb, etc.); decline, descent, slope
Watutsi -  a member of a Bantu speaking people living in Rwanda and Burundi
incommensurability - quality of being not commensurable; conditionof being uncomparable; incapability of being measured opposite a common criterion
antler - horn of animals in the deer family 
dunce - dullard, simpleton, half-wit, idiot, stupid person 
shucks - interj. (Informal) rats! phooey! (cry of disgust or disappointment)
dressed up to the nines - wearing fancy clothes, elegantly dressed; spruced-up
cubby - hideout; nook, small enclosed place
snit - agitated state, fit of bad temper, temper tantrum
bedrock - solid rock; base, bottom
harridan - shrew, woman with an evil temper
proctological - pertaining to proctology, pertaining to the branch of medicine dealing with diseases of the anus and rectum
nefarious - evil; wicked; vile
dibs - claims, rights (British slang); small amount of money (Slang); jackstones ( game in which playing-pieces [originally small bones or pebbles] are tossed and caught on the back of the hand); sweet substance or molasses of grape juice
gesticulation - moving of the hands or other parts of the body in an animated manner (in place of or accompanying speech)
hellion - troublemaker, disorderly person, mischievous person (Slang)
miasma - unhealthy or poisonous vapor, germs affecting the atmosphere, contamination; unhealthy or confusing atmosphere or circumstances


el nopal - nopal, prickly pear, prickly pear-shaped fruit of a kind of cactus

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