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This might be highly AU, I only saw half of the season finale and the drabble is based on what I guess happens in the second half. Set post S1.

"Remember when you told me that you talk to Angels?" Joan didn't look at Adam.

"Yeah." It was an Adam answer, sounding like he wasn't sure himself. She had thought she understood him, today she didn't. She hoped that he understood her.

Joan took a deep breath. She didn't know how to start, she only knew that Adam was the only person she could talk to. "I do to. I mean, talk to Angels. Not really, I mean, just in a way. Do you understand?"

"No." Still, Adam made no move to get up.

"The things I'm doing, they look crazy. But it wasn't like that. It all made perfect sense. Not at first, but later there was a moment when everything became crystal clear and then it just faded away." Joan paused. "I don't think I can get it back. I don't know what to do." She looked at Adam for the first time since joining him on the stone wall near the high-school. He was watching her intently, even after she had stopped speaking.

“It doesn’t have to make sense. I don’t get most things. It doesn’t matter, Jane.” Adam took her hand. “You’re still here.”

“I can’t let you stay. I’m sorry.” She had her back turned to him, staring out into space. It was clear that he had outstayed his welcome before he had even gotten a chance to say anything. They both knew that she was talking about more than just tonight, about him coming by her quarters for a cup of coffee.

“Tell me, Kathryn, why can’t you? Why not? It’s not like you to be afraid.” He challenged her.

“Just go.” Her voice was hard, but he could hear a hint of tremor resounding in her voice. He walked up to her and put his hands squarely on her shoulders. He hoped to push past the wall of anger to where he couldn’t seem to reach with words alone. She turned away under his touch and he wondered what she was going to do now. Storm out of her quarters? She wouldn’t do that.

“Computer, two cups of coffee, hot.” She ordered from the replicator. Wordlessly, she handed him a mug. It was an invitation to stay for now.

No flames please. First two drabbles ever. I do plot: supernatural, casefiles and adventures. I'll get to the other drabbles later on.

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