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Still physically not quite fit, but better than yesterday. I even got up and cooked lunch today. This doesn't sound like much, but it's more than I've gotten done in the last week. I'll try to get some cleaning done this afternoon as my room is in dire need of it. I made a doctor's appt for tomorrow, when I'll hopefully get the shaking and restlessness sorted out. Then I'll only have the adjustment to Lamotrigine and the concentration and memory problems to worry about. So far it's headaches, dizzyness and vertigo, but those will hopefully pass.

Speaking of concentration worries, it's not looking so well there. I was hoping that getting off topiramate, which has known adverse effects on memory and conentration, would bring a vast improvement, but that hasn't happened so far, except for some improvements in short term memory. But then, I've had to cut back on the Geodon. Will know more about that tomorrow. I'm still debating with myself what to do in the fall. Oxford is high pressure and I'd really have to work to keep on track there. In the classes I took at the local college last spring semester, I got a decent passing grade without doing much of anything.

The day also started out well in online land as well. Stargate and Atlantis from last week have finished dl-ing, there were several big TV show and Food TV updates in my streamload inbox and the slow ftp server from which I've been downloading is up again after two days of downtime.

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