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Something I never do publically - I'm reviewing/critiquing. Just felt like it and it also served as a little med test on how well a new med (Taxilan) does at ordering and slowing down my chaotic mind. The fist few days on it were awfull, but it seems better now. Anyways, it's the first thing I've written in a while and I'm glad I got that much together.

I was really looking forward to reading the new novel by Patricia Cornwell, but so far it is disappointing. I've read the first ten chapters, which so far have been a chore to read. Everything keeps slipping out of focus and going all blurry. (okay, that is not the author's fault) That would be all worth it, if it was an interesting read, but so far, it has been anything but. The characters are very OOC, they come aross as whiny, petty, rude and paranoid. As for the plot, I didn't even detect one until maybe Chapter 8. Since the location and prespective switches each chapter, keeping track of a common thread is hard. The fact that the book is written in the present tense is not exactly adding to its readability. The style appears very uneven to me, I find myself skipping over lengthy desriptive passages in some places, in other places, it's devoid off anything more than basic clues about when and where the action is taking place. It feels like the plot has yet to get going. At 86 pages into the book, one of the cases on the back cover has yet to make a real appearance, while the other is dragging on already, revolving around a very annyoing and definetly disturbed new character. Although she must be an adult, she comes across as an rebellious teenager.

Waiting for the plot to appear and get going was about what I did for most of the most recent episode of Stargate SG1. We learned what it was going to be about before the opening credits, but then nothing of real significance seemed to happen for the next 30 minutes. First of all, wasn't the exact same problematic already on the show in like season 6? (don't ask me what episode that was) But the point is, that 'someone from the media learning about the Stargate programme' isn't a new plot. And this time , it played out with even fewer twists than the first time.
There wasn't anything really bad about the episode, except maybe the lack of regular characters doing anything, but overall, it was just bland and non-memorable. I guess one could see a meta theme in this episode: Would the world be able to handle the truth about the Stargate programme? But that wasn't really explored in the episode either, and the TV reporter dude (I'm bad with names) seemed to handle the truth just fine. Of course, the answer that the episode had was that the world couldn't handle the truth, seeing that the TV reporter dude had to disappear after he knew what was going on. But somehow getting to that answern was plotted a little thin.


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