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It's alive!

The super-slow server I thought was down - it's up and crawling again. This is good. Also good:

In a little more than 24 hours, I read a 400 page novel. I know what I read and I understood the plot fairly well. For me lately, that's an achievement. I'm working hard on seeing it that way. Two years ago, I would have read that in less than 12 hours.

I used to read faster than anyone I know. But using my old standards only serves to frustrate me.Truth is, I haven't been able to read or understand the way I used to for over a year. Things started falling apart mentally in the early summer of 2003. I think the recent improvement are due to the addition of another anti-psychotic drug. I've been on it for a week now and after the first few days, which were very foggy, I started noticing increased mental functionality. Also it calms me down on the physical side, which is the reason I first gave it a try, to avoid having to rely on tranquilizers to stop shaking and agitation. It's heavy on the side effects right now, but I'll see how that continues.
I'll definetly will look at Maths and French today, after I get a fanfic fix *G*

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