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I've taken a virtual fine tooth comb and gone over the web page of St. Catherine's College. I found out when new students were supposed to show up in 1997 and in 2003 (in three differently coloured versions). The only thing available for 2004 were the official term dates. It's just like last year when I skipped the 'Introduction to Life in Britain' because it was impossible to find out when exactly it was supposed to take place. I can't say that I missed it, of the many problems that I did have, life in Britain was not one of them. Driving on the left was about the most confusing thing for me.

Searching around, I did find the email directory of Oxford university and learned that my account had actually been deleted. I wasn't sure whether it had been deleted or I had just forgotten the password. I had been told that it wouldn't be deleted since I was only on temporary leave from university, but well, I won't know about going back for sure until at least Monday anyways.

It just entered that scatter-brain of mine that Monday is the first day of school around here and that this means that I have two French lessons to give in the afternoon. It's safe to assume that not everyone will have books by the afternoon of the first day. So that leaves free speaking exercises, vocabulary building, watching a movie, reading an unknown text, free writing, dictation. Luckily I have a large stack of Frech texts and exercises from when I was learning the language. Well, I'm still learning.

Since today is another beautifully hot day, I'm heading for a swim later on. I've given up on tanning, it's just not going to happen. At least I've got loads of colourful bruises ;)

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