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Weekend Words

I'm back on Topamax since without it, I was having up to ten abscene seizures a day. To hell with it being a problematic drug. Sure, it made me lose 40 lbs when I only needed to lose 10 lbs and it turned me into an addicted idiot. But hey, I've been addicted before, it wasn't pretty, but I can do it again. I went up with the dosage very fast now, so I'm quite whacked out.

―ちょ [―著] - (written) by
出版社 - publisher

hobo - n.  tramp, unemployed worker, beggar
dolt - n.  idiot, stupid person
to scram - v.  leave, go away, get out (Slang)

piddle - n.  urine, liquid excrement (term used by children)
to wank - v.  (British vulgar slang) masturbate
Pyrrhic victory - victory accompanied by enormous losses (as was Pyrrhus' victory over the Romans in the 3rd century B.C.)
missive - written message; letter
collate - compare critically, verify, gather, sort
moxie - courage, nerve (Slang)
woefulness - sorrow, grief; sadness, misery
cad - n.  rude or callous person
alhamdulillah - (Islam) Praise be to God
to enrapture - v.  excite, delight, fill with happiness
to gage - v.  give as security (i.e. money, something of value)

Methuselah - methushelah (Hebrew) A Biblical patriarch, son of Enoch and grandfather of Noah; his life-span was stated as 969 years. The patriarchs each represented a race or subrace, and the number of years, to which the necessary ciphers should be added, referred to the cycle of such a race. Each character likewise stood for a sign of the zodiac (IU 2:459-60). Further, Methuselah assisted Enoch in constructing an underground building with nine apartments, each one of which contained one of the nine names of deity -- a reference to the occult or mystical language of initiation, and of the buildings constructed for its formal rites.

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