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Drug using and stealing me

I gave the productive act a try this morning. I took the bus to town, got ugly passport pictures taken, although they are still a step up from the last ones and then went to sit and wait at the free walk-in eye clinic. On the way, I stumbled a lot and tripped over a curb that suddenly materialized. Everything was nice, I even got a seat on the comfy couch at the clinic and had brought a comic to read while waiting. My turn eventually came, I got to look at some letters which I didn't see. Then the guy doing the test took a look at my eyes and asked me what I was on. Not good. I hadn't planned on sharing that part because I was sure that if he knew he wouldn't write me I prescription for glasses. But well, since he thought he seemed to think that I was high, I started explaining. Turns out that Lamictal dilates my pupils, leading to lousy vision and light sensitivity. Being very mirror-shy and a fan of drawn shades, I had never really noticed. The guy gave me the number of an ophthalmologist. I actually got an appointment before the end of the month. Now that might collide with the college's orientation programme, but if they haven't published it by now on their website and haven't send me the details of it , they can't expet me to be there.

When I got home embarrassement was waiting for me. My mother has been sewing a scarf for her sister. That scarf had gone missing and she had been all over the house. By the weekend she had declared it gone and had me turning the internet upside down looking for a similar fabric. We had ordered a similar enough fabric and it had arrived today. Of course, today the scarf turns up and I probably made it disappear in the first place. It was stuck in the English dictionary in the living room. I'm the only one who will use anything as a bookmark. I have used CDs, library cards, bar wrappers, pens, other books, ... She only found it by chance. I told her the translations for a cooking recipe yesterday, but she had to look up something again for the low carb cook book that I bought her. She got bored with my bad cooking. I could not find a single German low carb cook book. I don't care about low carb. I probably should write my own diet book. But I doubt that Illman's Diet would sell well *G* I'll of course pay for the fabric we bought over the internet.

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