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A to-do-list isn't a good idea on a day like today...

but that has never stopped me. Incidentally, this week was the anniversary of my first arrest.

  • apply for a new passport

  • get rid of the six empty bottles that I can see from here and all the ones I can't see from here (Topamax makes very, very thirsty)

  • generally clean up a bit

  • get rid of empty boxes

  • study some or at least try to

  • do daily reading either a bit of a) the Labyrinth fic b) the Venom fic c) One False Move by Harlan Coben

  • play mod over at ezalbumz

whew, I'm exhausted already

hacienda - n. farm, ranch, homestead, large estate (in Latin America)
eidetic - adj. pertaining to visual images (seen recently or long before) which can be recalled vividly and with great detail
anathema - n. ban, excommunication; despised person or thing
kahlua - n : coffee-flavored liqueur made in mexico [syn: kahlua]
schmuck - n. (Slang) jerk, annoying person (from Yiddish)

ETA2: All done. But my brain is total mush. Maths was harder than a rock. It was basic integration, stuff I have done years ago. Topamax does make stupid :( I need to study more.

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