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After the figurative and literal headache that life gave me, I need some escape. Checking out torrents shows that two shows that I watched last year having started up again: CSI:M and LaO:SVU. To dl or not dl? Since I'm already spoiled rotten for CSI:M the only point of interest would be to see of Horatio has continued balding. Seriously, I saw him balding last season. But, I think it was entropy84, who didn't quite agree with that observation. I never did care about the characters on CSI:M, all I do watch it for is the cases.
But on the subject of TV, and I've already brought up bit of that in my last post, which veered off into the unreadable. I have neither the attention nor the memory for TV these days. Mostly the attention, I guess. You see, the Atlantis episode that I was trying to watch a few days ago. Episode 1x09. I'm still trying. I went back to the beginning because I went a bit unclear on the details of how they'd gotten to minute 12 of the plot. Winamp is currently paused at 1:55. I put it on after dinner and reset it once after maybe a minute because I hadn't listened to the dialogue. Out of the 9 episodes (one double ep- so 10 technically) of Atlantis that I've dled so far - I have watched two entirely and two partially. I keep dling because I really like the show. The record with SG1 looks a bit better, I have watched maybe 7 o so out of the 10. I keep dling that because I have been watching it for years. I just rarely have the nerve or the attention span to watch TV. So either dl-ing is a waste of time or I do it for better times or for the eternal optimist in myself?

Uh-oh. I think, I am/was manic. I just punched a wall repeatedly to get rid off the numb feeling in my hand. That is manic me. Plus, I'm überhyper.

It's already starting to fade a bit. The tranquilizer tastes weird, but works fast if you put it under the tongue instead of swallowing. I've also doubled up on the anti-psychotic.

I'm already getting tired, I should have a nice enough night without further behaviour that's bad for self, like hitting walls with fists.

.Ready for bed now. Much calmer. Phases are betweem a day and a few hours. Tomorrow will be different. Depression follows mania. Must not think. Hope that meds catch most of it.

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