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Getting organized

The sedative fog is still stuck in my head from last night, but after being all scatterbrained and manic yesterday, I need to get some things in order today.

  • watch some Atlantis

  • clean up a bit

  • read and make notes to Reading Outside the Lines

  • Watch the daily paralympics summary on TV

  • get rid of the empty bottles

  • study languages

  • sort out study plans I've made progress

  • revise Chem it was no as</as>bad as expected

ETA: How can Level 3 of a language degree be A Level knowledge!? What about people who start above that?

Owie, the hand which with I punched that wall yesterday hurts. My head hurts again. Natures way of telling manics that it's too much?


  • taking notes in two columns, one for notes, one for annotations

  • to stop being skimpy with paper and just write large than other people

  • get loads of cheap pens since they keep vanishing anyways

  • experiment with med times, in order to be medded well for lecture time

  • to rework notes into mind maps

It's a good book and it's enouraging people to learn the way they know that they can learn even if that's not so conventional. I've so far read the part about being in class and taking notes in class. I skipped the part about classe discussions and skimmed the part about reading. There is a big part about writing and exam essays which, depending on what I do might not be much of a concern for me. But the reading and revision sections might be interesting. Back to that again when brain is co-operative.

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