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Someone asked: What are the chances Griss will get his shit together and get with Sara this season??

To be precise it was nwalmaer98 who asked the question in her lj.

Originally, I was going to write this in a comment. But it is bad form to rant in a comment, especially, if you have an unpopular opinion.

I think, Grissom is too inept to ever get it on with Sara. He behaves around her like a clueless bride at the wedding night [wrong gender, I know, but it fits]. His womanizing qualities from season 1 got lost along with the anthropologist. If there were something to happen between them, then Sara would have to initiate it. With any other man, I could picture Sara doing that with a lot of men, but not with Grissom on that show. I just can't see it happen and working on that show. Call it a lack of imagination. I mean, I know that she has already tried and only gotten burned by the man. He can't let her wait forever, he's not getting younger or hotter for that matter( IMHO). But then I never found WP hot to start with. The end of the fourth season didn't make me happy, it reminded me of those awful hurt/comfort fics that plague the Stargate SG1 fandom. (And I actually love h/c, but there is much badfic). To me Sara's drinking problem seemed to drop a bit suddenly from the sky (and no, obsessively munching on cough drops is no indication, I and a million other people do that because they love the sweet taste) and it felt like the writers were thinking: "Let's give Sara a drinking problem, so she and Grissom can have a nice comfort scene, that'll make the 'shippers happy. Plus, we'll get a cliffhanger out off it."

I don't think there will ever be more than slightly crappy innuendo on the show. If I want to see good innuendo, I watch WaT S1.

My apologies for the slightly anti-CSI commentary, it is just my opinion and everyone is free to have one of those. I realize, I found most of my flist over CSI. But when I rewatched S4 recently, it was like watching a trainwreck. I couldn't look away, but I also couldn't not ask myself why I ever made myself watch this show and even archive it. It's not a bad bad show. I watch bad shows like MacGyver, Charmed and M7. These are bad shows with entertainment value, but no way that is good TV. CSI isn't that kind of bad. CSI has a good idea and mostly at least semi-reasonable cases backing it up. The science is abbreviated but one can suspended disbelief over that. The characters are a bit cardboardy. Nick, Warrick, Greg and Brass have a two sentence personalities. The promotion thread was about the only character development we got for Nick and Sara in ages and it was boring and drawn out, especially sincce it ended in hot air. They are trying for Catherine and that is laudable. And didn't she have an affair with Krycek? At least someone is having sex. Grissom and Sara aren't having any. Not together and not with anyone else either. Grissom has had a quiet life since he nearly went deaf in the previous season. Which wouldn't have been such an issue if he hadn't been such a moron about it and had actually told people and thought about getting treatment earlier. Plus the entire plotlinemn wasn'thandled well, which wasn't Grissom's fault. CSI becomes a bad show by underusing its potential. It used to be a good show. Now, it's formulaic and mediocre with boring/annoying characters. LaO is equally formulaic and about the same entertainment value, but the dialogue seems better, the cases less whacky and the characters aren't as annyong with their drawn out personal storylines that probably lead nowhere. I'm going to watch Crossing Jordan as an alternative crime show this season, although the last season lacked overall coherence since the eps were shown out of order, the characters were interestingly quirky and the cases intriguing but not too whacky.

Now, it's your turn to comment. Comment on what I've written. What do you prophesy for Grissom and Sara? What's your view on CSI these days?

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