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The lectures this morning were a waste off time, but that is my own fault beause I forgot to take the meds this morning. Unmedicated leture sitting is pretty pointless, I'm tired, an't onentrate what is being said and my brain is to middled up to inderstand most o it anyways. At least I tried to take some notes and, as I was already in the science area, went to the various labs to hand in due honework. I didn't quite make the 9 a.m. deadline for the essay, but 2 hours late won't be the end of the world. I think I never made any 9 a.m. deadline last year.  Back in college, I had planned to do the laundry while waiting for the meds to start working, but although there was one free washing machine, out of the 8 dryers, 6 are currently out of order. Seeing that my room doesn't have heating , my clothes will never dry. I already made that experience when I got totally soaked in the rain and hung up jeans, sweater and jacket in the bathroom.

The afternoon was planned as study time, but whenever I have a omputer problem, it doesn't leave me alone, I have to fiddle around with it until I figure it out or am completly out of options. Suddenly my comp is very picky about torrents. Only a few work, for most I can't get a connetion to the tracker. Still working on that now. I think, I'm getting somewhere, both with the mop and with the organic chemistry reading.

I thought a lot about doing Nanowrimo. I do have a plot, but when I look at it objectively, I have enough on my plate as it is. My studies, along with the problems with vision and the side effects of meds, I have plenty of things that are challeninging me. And I can still write the story that is in my head, at my own pace, if I feel like it. For the moment, I'm trying to keep it focussed on studying.

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