July 4th, 2003


Starting up

Finally got around to getting one of these. i have no idea why exactly, expect maybe lack of anything else to do. Or rather I don't do the other stuff. It's not much of an intoduction here, but I've had a killer day: 15h at whork, 3h of sleep and I have to be back at the job in an hour. I don't dare thinking about the fact that i got to bike there. I swear that hill gets steeper everyday. Physically impossible, but stranger things have happened. Light's busted too on the bike, one day I'm so going to get run over or slam into something because I'm biking with that big maglite in one hand. I could take a smaller one, but my paranoid and jumpy self feels better with the big one, even though it's as heavy as they get. But who knows, that might come in handy if those freaking geese are running around again. The first time round I was so scared cuz i couldn't see them very well and didn't work with the maglite. Enough of the sleep deprived ramblings, onto work

Planning ahead

Got back from work. It went well, I was actually done in just 3 hours, plus there were no complaints from yesterday on the list. That's a hughe first! I should get back to bed but I don't feel like it, too much to do besides I'm too hyper to sleep. A lot of stuff to do today. Hope I fare better than yesterday because I didn't get anything done. Now I've got to figure what to do first since I'm never going to get through all the stuff.
That would be:

  • -find Stefan's helmet

  • -fix bike (if only I knew how)

  • -go shopping

  • -schedule that doctor's appointment, those crappy meds aren't working, they seem to do just the opposite

  • -figure whether I'm on tomorrow night

This is quickly turning into the substitute for my myriad of post-its. Why can other people keep their life on track in their heads? But all in all, I'm off to a good start and actually already accomplished some stuff: finsihed and posted an upload on SL.
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I really wanted to get to bed earlier, but things keep coming up. I checked my streamload account and noticed that I'm nearly out of download allowance, so i have to get some more, hope I can actually afford that. Might have to wait with the CDs then. Not having a decently paying job sucks. Hopefully my mood picks up after I've slept a bit. Can't even spell anymore.
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Information overflow

It's not even night yet and so much has happened, I don't think I can really keep up with it. Hopefully writing stuff down helps a bit. So the low-down:

  • ran into trouble with customs again and spend ages on the phone with a lady who didn't believe me that there were just tapes and cds in that package

  • did the weekly shopping which I hate, it's always so crowded and I'm broke

  • got soaked again

  • got that doctor's apointment already (I don't know how I managed to pull of that one)

The apointment didn't go to well, but I had already suspected that part. At least this time I didn't get yelled at or anything. But she didn't really know what to do either. She got me an apointment at another specialist for next Monday. I've no idea how I'm supposed to get there, not having a car. Besides that the usual: getting enough rest, not overdoing things and eating nice. I admit I havn't been too good with any of these. I work two jobs, one of which involves running around for four hours delivering newspapers and mail. Plus it's during the night, as the people have to have their stuff by 6, and it's not quiet enough to sleep during the day. Doctor suggested I look for another, less stressful job, but with no real qualifications it's not that easy. I have non idea what to do right now. I think I seriously need to distract myself.
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final note for the day

Another too long day, or a day filled with all the wrong stuff. There is so much I have to think about, but I'm too tired. I have to work again tomorrow (maybe for the last time at that job, but I hope not). That leaves a potential four hours of sleep now. That's better than yesterday. I can start sorting things out when I get back tomorrow, if I'm not too wiped out. Going to bed now, just putting in another CD to be burned.
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