July 11th, 2003


Just playing around

Before I get to working off the list that my mom left: go to the mail office, go shopping, cook lunch, water the tomatoes and about a million other things. I'm determined to figure out the cut tag :)
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Not exactly as planned, but it least the cut tag seems to be working :)

Virtual bitches

Trouble with computers and websites again. The new logo for Tubey won't upload and I'm sick of the generic one. Streamload is giving me trouble by being slow, but that's what you get for having too many files in one folder.
on the bright virtual side: I think I've gotten the hang of DVD mastering, so hopefully I will have done the DVD by Monday. Now all that's missing before I burn it, is the menu design. I'm so not good at that. Because I want to create the image file over night, i should have designed the image by then. Well, I'll keep it simple. It can't look worse than the generic background.
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