September 6th, 2003


Domestic Affairs: a drama in several acts

Starring: Illman, Illman-brother (IB), illman-sister (IS), with a guest appreance by illman-mother (IM)

ACT I: OMG, we are leaving tomorrow

The set-up: IS and IB are leaving for boarding school tomorrow. Illman-parents are elusive.

8.50 p.m. Illman is enjoying quality time on the computer.

IS: Iiiiiillman! My suitcase doesn't close! Come sit on it.

illman glances at watch realize how late it it. Gets away from AIM convo. Finds IB engaged in an animated long distance phone convo with room mate from school.

Illman: have you packed everything already?

IB: Nah, didn't find a suitcase. I'm in the middle of something here.

Illman: You're seeing him tomorrow anyways. Now get up and pack.

9.30 p.m.: Illman is back at the computer after having successfully closed IS's suitcase.

IS: How are we going to get to the airport?

illman: for the hundredth time, we're taking a cab.

IS: Why? We can take the subway.

Illman: With you two taking enough for a small family. No way! What is IB doing?

IS: He's on the phone.

Illman decides to forgo further digital entertainment and take charge of the situation.

10.15 p.m.: Going over the checklist.

Illman: One question: what are you going to wear on Monday?

blank stares

Illman: School uniforms? Tie? Skirt? Where are they?

IB (accusingly): You took it to the dry cleaners ages ago.

Illman: And who picked it up?

IB (shrugs): They called a couple of days ago. Don't remember what they wanted.

Illman: Okay, I'll pick it up tomorrow.

11.30 p.m.: IM calls to say good night and remind illman to leave on time.

11.50 p.m. Final luggage check. Dispute over possesive pronouns ensues ( tennis rackett, your tennis racket...) and ends in IS crying.

1 a.m. IS and IB are in bed. Illman collapses onto the couch. Checks watch and sees that shift starts in an hour. Grabs a diet coke from the frigde.