October 4th, 2003


Trying out the internet at my boss' office

Lately it has been a bit crazy, so my apologies for all the strange /weird entries. Unforrtunatly lack of sleep doesn't improve on my ability to form coherent thoughts. At least I get off in five hours at the latest, if the intern doesn't fall asleep before that. I believe in caffinated bevrages. Maybe a bit too much *G*
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Because RL is threatening my on-line and TV life

Stolen from nekosmuse

1. What was your first fandom? The first thing you were obsessively fannish about? It doesn't have to be a tv show or movie.

Uninvited : a mystery/adventure type videogame on the Amiga back in the dark ages

2. Are you still interested in your first fandom or are you so over it?

not really, although I did play the game again a few years back

3. What was your first zine/fic fandom?

x-files, although I think I read some Star Trek fic before that

4. What was your first online fandom?

x-files, only occassionally

5. What was your first livejournal fandom?


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Since my webhost Streamload is down once again and has been anything but reliable (downtime, losing files, random errors) I'm seriously thinking of switching to another one.
Anyone know a good and fairly affordable one?
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Streamload is on again, but no new files can be added. *looks into alternatives*
Also: 49 hours

ETA: It is uploading :) 48 hours - and I'm writing a fic *G*
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