October 22nd, 2003


some uncertainties

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In more interesting news: I finally wrote some WaT fanfic after a quite long break. Nothing to post yet, but still I'm feeling disproportionatly excited about it. I'm not going to watch last week's CSi tonight, rather save it as a treat for Thursday or Friday night. I probably need one then. My CSI obsession seems to be on the rise again, after a slump towards to end of last season. It's not back to previous levels, but still.

And something quite strange fanfic wise: I have this solid idea for a fic and I can really hear it in my head, even though I'm not obsessed with that particular show. Hell, I'm not totally sure I could correctly name all the minor recurring characters. So I have not really started to write it, I feel I know far too little about the show to write an in character fic. It's just the idea that won't stay quiet in my head. Any ideas anyone?

and last but not least: a big hug for entropy84
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