October 28th, 2003



41 out of 150 that has to be a new low. Oddly, it doesn't feel so bad. But those voices telling me to go back to my mail delivery career are getting louder.

Haven't heard from the IT department again after them telling me off yesterday morning for using to much bandwidth. Oddly, they did not specify a limit not do the IT usage rules (which some of my activities tend to violate) nor did they tell me how much I'd used. Not sure whether they'll get back to me, the email sounded like they would. I haven't dl-ed or ul-ed anything since yesterday, will wait how this turns out :ph34r:

On the bright side: Emma, who brought by my marked work also brought a six pack of diet coke. Plus she's driving to town later today, so I might be able to get a lift.
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