November 26th, 2003


short and random points

Locked myself out of the building last night. Sis was tired so I gave her the door card so that she could go ahead and didn't have to wait for me (was watching TV in the commom room). One the way back I started to see the flaw in my logic...

Just because I go to bed a 3 a.m., that doesn't stop my sister from starting to poke me 4 hours later. Can't wait to have my own room again :/ [/complaining]

In other news, not being able to sleep has greatly advanced the nano novel, just about 1500 words to go to the finishing line :)
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50 066+ words

Yes, I did it. Not saying that it is any good, but it's over 50 000 words. And if I can pull it off, then anybody should be able to.

And now what else is there to do:

do some research to correct/fill-in details
also to be researched: the entire trial scene
find a beta-reader
get rid of things like that (insert finding the body)
write some better transitions between scenes
rewrite the prologue because it sucks
transcribe all the handwritten stuff
iron out the timeline (there are a few days that would make Jack Bauer over on 24 envious
get rid of the worst spelling and grammer mishaps
make sure that it is all in the same tense and language

ETA: why can't I use a cut tag anymore?
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