December 7th, 2003


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The term is finally over, a little over 5 weeks before school starts up again. The last two days, I havn#t had any chance to access to net, and today I'm still very worn out - but I'll finally have the time to take care of some rl life stuff that had to be put off for school:

get a haircut
buy something to wear
have a home-cooked meal again
read the paper in the morning

And I have my new comp, it'll take a bit until I get it all working the way I want and there are still files that I need to get off my old comp :fears for TV collection:
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Sleep rhythem seems somewhat out of whack. I'm tired, but still can't sleep. So I might as well start to get serious about editing my nano novel. And since I finally got the DVD drive to work, I can watch Alias S1 while editing. Sounds like a plan to me.
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