December 27th, 2003


Randomness - warum nicht

Yesterday with the relatives was all that I expected it to be. The uncomfortable silences, the telling looks, the snide comments, the sneering, the same old stories that are brought up every year. My cousin brought along her boyfriend which prompted my mom to get started with her "I was already married when I was your age." -speech.

Pffft (borrowed from smut_queen and entropy84) At least the festive days are over with now

Today, cleaning up with lots of breaks took up the better part of the day. But at least the kitchen floor isn't sticky anymore and the rest of the house looks much better too. Hopefully some more fic is in order. But there is this new idea, or rather two new fic ideas that are going through my head. I want to finish Fallen From Grace first, before taking on any other projects. I don't think I want to get into another epic one so soon again. :/

In more important matter: I'm criminally behind on my homework. If all fails, I'll need to take a vacation from TV and the internet. :ph43r: Maybe burrying the laptop under a pile of textbooks would help. *g*

Totally random. Is it just me or has the internet been deserted those last few days?